Do you have what it Takes to be a Successful CEO?

Peoplemax was featured recently in The Australian Financial Review alongside two CEOs, Andrew Stewart and Joseph Sczurko who chatted about the role of executive coaching in their journeys to the top.  

I was struck by their willingness to share themselves so fully in public. Their success is no accident given that kind of courage and insight.

The article generated a lot of interest, and I have been asked for my thoughts on what is required to make it to the top.

In my experience you need to master three meta-skills to succeed as a CEO:

1. Dream. You need to be able to anticipate market trends, imagine a compelling future and galvanise people at scale.

2. Deliver. You need to be able to navigate complexity at scale to move the ship, unleash talent and follow through to consistently get runs on the board.

3. Disrupt. You need to be willing to question sacred cows and challenge fundamental assumptions, even when you are succeeding, stimulate innovation and role model personal transformation.

All of these meta-skills can be developed by evidence-based coaches with deep psychological insight and a strong business background.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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