Are your Strengths Actually Working Against you?

I recently sat down with Patrick Durkin from the The Australian Financial Review with my long-time clients Andrew Stewart and Joseph Sczurko to chat through recalibrating professional strengths as your career progresses.
For Andrew, his hands on and enthusiastic nature began to hinder him as he rose to the top. We had to work on stepping back and taking a more measured and consultative approach, which was not easy: “…you can’t have the same connectivity with the business and the people as you had, so I had to let go of stuff, which was really uncomfortable.”
Peoplemax’s executive coaching takes a holistic approach to leadership, and for leaders, this includes looking at how they are interacting with their teams and vice versa.
Patrick speaks about my involvement with Joe’s team. Investing sufficient time observing the organisation and how the CEO and their executive team interact was crucial.
For Joe, this process along with his personality diagnostics revealed that his nature could be interpreted as intimidating and intense.
Knowing this, we concentrated on a more personal approach. When coming up against a colleague he disagreed with, I suggested he “find out what’s important to him, find out his non-work agenda, show some emotion around the person”.
Turning these traits into potential strengths was fundamental to Joe in becoming an effective executive, now known for his heart and compassion.
For further insights into the approach and results of executive coaching, check out the full article below or reach out to hear how we could help you.

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