Mastery in Coaching on TNM Unplugged Podcast with Zoran Todorovic

In this episode of the TNM Unplugged with Zoran Todorovic, we delve into the concept of mastery in coaching and its significance in the field of coaching today. Powerful coaching presence is an essential aspect of mastering coaching, as it enables coaches to create a safe and supportive environment where both coach and coachee can focus on the coachee’s agenda, explore their goals, values, and resources. It goes beyond mere knowledge and skills, and centers around fostering an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and respect, which can encourage growth and transformation. As a coach, being present in the moment and making your presence felt is key to achieving this. This involves deep listening, asking thought-provoking questions, and fostering an environment that is conducive to growth and transformation.

Thanks Zoran for having me on your podcast.
Amos Szeps

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