The People Leaders’ Podcast: Imposter Syndrome & Hybrid Teams in Modern Workplace

I invite you to tune in to this engaging conversation on the People Leaders’ Podcast. It’s always fascinating to connect with fellow professionals in our field, and this discussion is no exception. I’m delighted to share some new phrases that have resonated with me: “Empathy with an Edge,” “Disagree Quickly But Not Personally,” and “Choose Meaningful Problems.”

Drawing on my extensive 20 years of experience in leadership and leadership coaching, I have valuable insights to offer. In this episode, we’ll explore various topics, including:

[02:20] Empathy with an Edge: Discover how combining empathy with a strategic approach can yield powerful results.

[04:35] Disagree Quickly But Not Personally: Learn how to navigate disagreements in a productive and respectful manner.

[05:25] The Biggest Challenge for Leaders in the Modern Workplace: Explore the key challenges leaders face in today’s dynamic work environment.

[08:04] Common Issues and Challenges Leaders Seek Coaching For: Gain insights into the common struggles leaders encounter and how coaching can help overcome them.

[09:49] Creating Meaningful Work in Hierarchical Organizations: Find out how to foster a sense of purpose and meaning within hierarchical structures.

[12:45] Imposter Syndrome and Its Detrimental Impacts: Understand the negative effects of imposter syndrome and strategies to overcome it.

[15:32] How to Give and Receive Feedback: Learn effective techniques for delivering and receiving feedback to drive growth and improvement.

[18:13] Enhancing Feedback for Greater Effectiveness: Discover methods to enhance the impact and effectiveness of feedback.

[19:58] Coaching Someone on Giving Feedback to Their Boss: Explore approaches for coaching individuals on providing constructive feedback to their superiors.

[21:37] What Leaders Need to Do Differently to Manage Hybrid Teams: Gain insights into the unique challenges and strategies for successfully leading hybrid teams.

[24:06] Choose Meaningful Problems: Delve into the importance of selecting meaningful problems to solve and make a positive impact.

[25:18] How to Contact Amos: Find out how to get in touch with me for further discussions or inquiries.

I’m excited to share my experiences and knowledge with you. Join me in this episode as we delve into these thought-provoking topics and uncover strategies for growth and success.

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