Where In Life Are You Pretending That You Don’t Have A Choice?

Where in life are you pretending that you don’t have a choice?

Several coachees with whom I am working are demonstrating a similar pattern. It’s something which I notice in myself.

Basically they have made choices in life and somewhere along the line have abdicated responsibility for them. Consequently they find themselves resenting those around them – institutions, partners, children – for choices that they made. And continue to make.

Many of us appear to be under an illusion that we are somehow controlled by the power of others. And therefore stuck in life.

Actually we’re not. The overwhelmed executive can leave her job anytime. It may be financially tough, but she can do it.

Awful as it may sound, the stressed-out parent can walk away from their kids. That is a real option. Staying is a daily choice.

The immuno-compromised lady with a life-threatening illness can go outside anytime, against strict medical advice. It would high risk, however she can do it.

In my experience, when people reclaim the choices that they have made – and continue to make – in life it is hugely empowering.

They might continue to stick with the job, or the partner, however they typically relate to these things very differently once they recognise that they have a choice. They are back in the driver’s seat.

So avoid falling into the trap of playing a victim in life. You might be freer to choose than you think.

Have a great week everybody.

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