What will you do when you are in Charge?

I was thinking the other day about how when you’re a kid, everyone tells you what to do. Parents, teachers, siblings – everyone. And that when you’re old, the same thing happens! Except then it’s more likely to be doctors and adult children telling you what to do. 

However, if you’re lucky, there is a brief period between during which you will be in charge. Either you will be the boss as work, or a parent, or the coach of a local football team. And suddenly – you will be responsible for calling the shots.

What will you do?

I love the acronym, BHAG. If you haven’t heard of it, BHAG stands for your ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’.

I would like to announce today that MY BHAG is to:

Change the lives of 1 million people for the better by the end of 2025.


…tune in next week to find out.

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