Do You Remember What It’s Like To Go Without?

Do you remember what it’s like to go without?

I delivered a workshop today and yesterday in London for a team of executives and it turns out that the majority of them came from humble beginnings.

Interestingly, they spoke about their early lives with great fondness – the ice on the insides of the windows, the homemade clothing, parents having to sacrifice for Christmas presents.

Of course, we romanticise the past and I’m sure that the experience for them back then was different. But it got me thinking about whether we might be missing anything in this age of convenience and relative comfort.

Few of us today lack basic food, warmth or other primary needs compared with back then. Of course, we all want more than we have – but generally, we have a lot.

I sometimes wonder if deliberately depriving ourselves of a few luxuries every so often might not be such a bad thing.

Have a great week everybody.

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