How to Become a Better Leader in Times of Change

Which aspects of yourself need dialling up or down right now? How does this differ from 2 years ago? 5 years ago? 10 years ago?
What has changed?

I have been in back London this week for work and to meet with a handful of coachees. Of the eight people I spent time with, all successful C-suite leaders, seven are experiencing significant change. They are either moving to new organisations, settling into new roles or on the precipice of an exit.

All are re-evaluating their lives in fundamental ways in response to the change that we have all experienced over the past two years.

All spoke of the imperative to change themselves to meet the requirements of their new lives. To me, this is less about ‘re-inventing’ yourself and more about dialling up certain personal attributes and others down in a deliberate manner.

  • When I became an actor, I needed to dial up my courage and dial down the self-judgement.
  • When I became a psychologist, I had to dial up my patience and dial down my ego.
  • In my next role, I may need to dial up my leadership skills and dial down my comfort with the status quo.

The imperative to self-disrupt, learn and adapt at pace to keep up with the rate of change may never have been greater than it is today.

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