Does Stress Cripple or Sharpen You?

Recent evidence suggests that the way we relate to stress – the way that we interpret and perceive it – dramatically affects its impact on us.

If you believe that it has the potential to cripple you, it will.

If you see it as an inevitable – even necessary – part of a rich and vibrant life, it will be.

Picture yourself speaking in front of several hundred people versus riding a rollercoaster. Most of us would experience very similar physiological reactions to those two activities, however our experience of them may be very different.

Unfortunately, most of the messaging out there right now is that stress is the enemy. That it is detrimental to our mental and physical health and should be minimised. Of course, there is ample, valid evidence for this.

But where is the messaging about the power of stress? That it sharpens the mind and energises the body? That it can liven you up to be your best? That it is a prerequisite for growth of any kind – physical, emotional and spiritual?

Ask anyone familiar with peak performance. Stress is part of it.

So the next time you notice yourself experiencing clammy hands or an increase in heart-rate – embrace it. Celebrate it. Experience it as a thrill.

Because all it really means that you are up to something important that demands your best.

…which is a good thing.

Have a great week everyone.

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