How Do You Respond When Life Gets on Top of You?

How do you respond when life gets on top of you?

I had an experience recently where I was pinned down during a martial arts class by someone much more experienced than me. As a big guy it was a shock and I won’t forget that feeling of being dominated physically; out of breath and out of control.

Life can be like that. And at those times, it is easy to get rattled.

My response when it looks life might start getting on top of me is to double down on my wellbeing – physical, emotional and spiritual. I want to be rock solid deep in myself for whatever is coming. We are no use to anyone if we panic.

These are tricky times. What can you do to strengthen yourself for what lies ahead?

Who might you speak with today about your hopes and fears? What might you do that demands of you physically? How might you deliberately make yourself uncomfortable?

Have a great week everybody.

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