When Have You Successfully Changed A Habit?

When have you successfully changed a behaviour? Or a habit?

If you think about it, the quality of our habits largely determine our capacity to enact change in world.

There are not many things more empowering than imagining something in your head and making it a reality. In most cases, this process requires deliberate, bold and consistent changes in our ways of working and operating. Specifically:

– Identifying misaligned habits and breaking them for good.
– Committing to new habits and making them automatic and easy over time.

This is easier said than done.

Here are my Top 4 suggestions for changing habits:

  1. Only attempt change that is sustainable. That is, only change your behaviour in ways that you can see yourself adopting long-term.
  2. Start with keystone habits (The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg). Keystone habits are those which, if changed, create a cascading or Domino effect on other habits to be changed.
  3. ‘Untether the rope from the wharf’. Liberate yourself from the Question ie: “Will I or won’t I do that today?”. Simply refuse to mentally indulge in this. Utterly and permanently resign yourself to a new way of operating.
  4. Above all, recognise that willpower alone is almost certainly insufficient for sustainable behavioural change. Be kind to yourself. This is notoriously difficult stuff and may require multiple attempts.

Have a great week everybody.

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