How Good Are You At Holding Your Nerve?

How good are you at holding your nerve?

Currently, I’m approaching a very interesting period professionally with loads of exciting challenges. And I notice myself tilting one way or the other daily. Tilting one side is towards – how am I going to do this? Can I do this? When will it be over? What if that happens? Why did I do this to myself?

And on the other side, relishing the opportunity of doing something different, which is scary—and knowing that on the other side, in the end, beyond success, a personal win and ego – a stronger character. I know I will be different on the other side of these challenges.

It occurred to me how important holding the nerve is through the period of challenge. And we all go through challenges, and life is full of them. And how easy it is to slip into a life where we try to avoid challenges. Especially this life of luxury that we all live today compared to ten thousand years ago.

Our lives are not threatened. But those impulses, fight or flighted, triggers are still triggered. And unless we are aware of our instincts and that tendency towards fight or flight, we won’t realise that what is in front of us is not a legitimate physical threat most of the time. We miss out on these opportunities, on the adventures of life. It is an adventure, but only if we choose it to be. It can also be mundane, a drudge, a trudge or a tragedy.

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