How The Beatles Used Humor & Play to Get Unstuck

In which parts of your life are you truly free?

This week I am noticing that challenges are often compounded by the manner in which we approach solving them. Pushing, forcing and controlling can make us inflexible and actually keep us stuck.

‘Get Back’, a wonderful ‘fly on the wall’ documentary about the Beatles in the studio, provides a stunning example of a different approach. I am struck by their humour and sense of play in the face of considerable pressure to deliver to a tight timeline, with the world watching.

Was this dynamic a significant factor in the Beatles creative process? Is a sense of freedom a prerequisite to thinking creatively?

If so, how might we use this insight to creatively disentangle ourselves from complex challenges at work and at home?

Where might a lighter, more playful approach unlock an area in which you are stuck in your life?

Have a great weekend all.

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