What Is Real Resilience?

What is real resilience?

This week I was in Atlanta Georgia in the US with an executive team and the context was unique. Broadly speaking, the team has been through an extremely tough twelve months together and now face an uncertain future. Most likely their journey as a team will end shortly.

Rarely at these chaotic times do people have the presence of mind – and heart – to invest time in ending well. Most often, teams come together with great fanfare and disband in somewhat of a dribble. Rarely do we mark the occasion of our final moments together with the significance they deserve.

But this team, led by an exceptional leader, did just that. They took the time to fly in from around the world to mark their last chapter together. It was a tender, emotional time.

To me resilience is not just about hardiness and pushing through. It is about taking time after a set-back to process what happened, digest disappointments and regret, reflect upon and learn from your approach, and acknowledge those around you that joined you on the journey.

I’m proud to have spent time with these special leaders.

Have a great week everyone.

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