Are your Problems Worthy of you?

Are your problems worthy of you?

A friend was telling me the other day about challenges that he is having in his relationship. They were standard frustrations arising largely from individual differences between he and his partner. We’ve all been there.

We struck upon some interesting questions – “How would he need to expand personally to accommodate the differences between them and make the relationship work? How would he need to mature to deal with these challenges?”

From this perspective, long-term relationships are a good problem to have. As are kids in my view. And scary job opportunities. Even professional set-backs. Not so much squabbling with neighbours or whingeing about the boss…

I am reminded of something that my father used to say to us when we were kids – “The quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your problems. Choose wisely.”

Dad believed that trying to eliminate problems was a waste of time. His view was that we should always be seeking out larger, more meaningful and stretching challenges worthy of our efforts.

Perhaps take a moment today to consider which problems in front of you are worthy of your time? And take a step back from those that are keeping you small?

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