Do you Believe that Tomorrow will be Better than Today?

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Do you believe that tomorrow will be better than today?

This week I am teaching coaching to 175 Chinese people across five cities in China. It is the first of 3 x 5-day programmes and a fascinating peek into a very different culture.

The sense of a divide couldn’t be greater. Firstly, we are using a translator. Secondly, we are connecting virtually. Thirdly there is the sheer numbers involved. Additionally, many of them are in severe lockdown. All live within a vastly different political and cultural system to ours.

However, all beam at the opportunity to learn and grow. This is probably the biggest difference that I have noticed. There is an eagerness, an optimism, a sense of play and fun that it sometimes feels that we have lost in the West.

I get a strong sense that this is a country in its ascendance with a conviction that tomorrow will be better than today, which energises and inspires me. It makes me also want to believe in a better future.

Where can you use difference to gain perspective?

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