Can Drive Be Taught To CEOs?

Is drive teachable? 

A viewer of last week’s Vlog asked for my take on this question. Another wanted to hear more on the concept of ‘Spike leadership’. Today’s Vlog covers both.

Yes, drive is teachable.

At YSC many years ago we were taught the ‘JDI’ model of CEO effectiveness – Judgement / Drive / Influence. Of these core qualities, Intellect is the least malleable while Influence is the most. Drive lies somewhere in between.

Of course, there are outliers, particularly at the level of CEO, whose hunger and passion is immediately visible and apparently intrinsic. We all differ in relation to our drive ‘set-point’. Nevertheless, on an individual level, drive can be taught.

How? I would point to two key ways:

1. Leveraging ‘Spike’ strengths. Identify one or two killer strengths; those unique qualities that see you naturally do things that others can’t; and use these to guide your career. NB: everyone has a Spike strength or two; few are us are aware of them; and even fewer carve out lives that require their daily use. These rare few tend to be highly energised and driven.

2. Finding personal meaning. Identify what is most important to you in life and align this with your professional role. We all want to feel like what we do matters. Getting to the heart of what gives your life meaning and finding ways of intertwining this with your work is highly motivating.

I hope that helps. Have a great week everyone.

And keep those questions coming!

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