Top 10 CEO Differentiators’ That Distinguish The Very Best CEOs From The Rest

I’m a seasoned Psychologist and a CEO Master Coach but I’m not a ‘Top 10 tips’ kind of guy.
However I was asked this week what I have learned from ten years working internationally at the top of a number of global organisations. And I yielded.

Here are ‘Top 10 CEO differentiators’ that distinguish the very best CEOs I have seen from the rest:
1. Exceptional ambition and drive
2. Ability to connect deeply with others on emotional levels, in particular building trust
3. Capacity to arrive at effective decisions in face of constant uncertainty, ambiguity and change
4. Willingness to self-disrupt, learn and adapt at pace
5. Awareness of and utilisation of personal Spike strengths
6. Emotional self-management and sustainability
7. Ability to inspire mindset shift from ‘I’ to ‘We’
8. Ability to unleash untapped potential in others ie: passion, initiative and creativity, and discretionary effort
9. Ability to build culture of high Challenge and high Support (high stretch and high safety)
10. Ability to effectively transfer ownership and accountability; create autonomy and independence downwards

If you would like elaboration on any of the following in future Vlogs please let me know in the Comments section.

Have a great week everybody.

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