Which Sets you Free – Order or Disorder?

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Which sets you free – order or disorder?

This is an interesting one. I know several talented people for whom time management is their Archilles heel personally and professionally. They constantly struggle to ‘get on top’ of things and seem to exist in a permanent state of restlessness and anxiety.

Whenever a pattern of behaviour is resistant to change it can be useful to ask: ‘What’s the payoff’? Or: ‘What’s the hidden motivation for preserving this negative pattern of behaviour’?

In my experience, many people for whom time management is an issue associate disorder with freedom. It gives them cover to do what they want to do rather than feeling constrained to a To Do list.

Interestingly, people for whom time management is NOT an issue are driven by a similar payoff in freedom, except in their case the mechanism is order. For them, working in disciplined ways relieves pressure and creates the space for them to do what they want.

Often exploring deeply-held stories and beliefs can unlock painful, life-long habits.

What is your experience?

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